Synodal Documents

Synodal Documents


206. It is the Church’s birthright to use and own the means of social communication that are necessary or useful for the formation of Christians and for pastoral activity (IM 3). Besides the traditional media viz. the press, the cinema, radio and television, computers and cyber technology dominate the world of communication today.

207. The Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media (DCSCM) is at the service of the Church in Goa to enable it to fulfil its task of evangelisation within the context of the situational reality of Goa today.

208. The DCSCM has established its major goals:


  • - To maintain an active presence in society by involving the Diocese in all the means of communication, by making public relations a reality, by building friendly relations with the secular media by integrating public relations and communication training and by confronting crisis situations.
  • - To disseminate information within the Diocesan by facilitating mutual sharing of information, by utilizing existing information media, by effective and critical use of the media and by distributing research information.
  • - To give importance to formation in communication and media education to people who have the basic inclination and rudimentary skills in this area.

209. Recommendations


  • 209.1 The DCSCM should have a qualified Director and trained staff as well as a team of experts in the field, including experts in various languages as early as possible. A special cell in public relations is one of the pressing needs today.
  • 209.2 The DCSCM should maintain an up-to-date Data Bank of the local media, journalists, publishers and collaborators. It must have an archive of relevant clippings in various languages on matters which concern the community and pertinent issues.
  • 209.3 It should collaborate with professional associations and help Parishes and Movements to work with the press and other regional media.
  • 209.4 In crisis situations, it should draw up timely releases for newspapers, radio and TV in English, Konkani and Marathi. It should be always present in the media providing a Christian perspective, and specifically the views of the Church in Goa on various issues that crop up. It should provide information of diocesan activities both through the secular and religious media and respond immediately to reports published in the press.
  • 209.5 The area of radio and television programmes and specially cable TV has to be explored more as these are the media that reach every home. It is time that the Church in Goa broadcast and telecast regularly relevant programmes of its own both on radio and on local as well as cable TV. Given the vision of a New Society and as an effective means for an authentic evangelisation, it is high time that the Church in Goa together with some of the surrounding Dioceses like Belgaum, Karwar, Mangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Vasai should have its production unit for TV and radio programmes and work towards its own TV channel.
  • 209.6 The DCSCM needs to provide systematic Media Education Programmes for the schools/colleges and Parishes in Goa in collaboration with the ABE. It should also help Parishes in the dissemination of information within the Parish as well as among Parishes.
  • 209.7 A survey is needed to assess the general opinion about the diocesan official bulletin RENEWAL. It is proposed that RENEWAL be at least fifty percent in Konkani for the sake of the common person.
  • 209.8 Protests against the vulgar and the obscene in the media especially the pornographic films are to be organised together with the PTAs and the SCCs. Education regarding the adverse impact of culture/media, especially on our children/youth, has to be taken up on a priority basis.
  • 209.9 The Archdiocese of Goa needs to have an independent daily newspaper and its own printing press. It could have its own website.
  • 209.10 All Parishes need to have computer facilities and all their records should be computerised. They should also be networked for a faster dissemination of information.


210. In our journey together with our Risen Lord, the one Saviour of Humankind, towards the Kingdom of God, we, the members of the Pilgrim Church in Goa, led by the Spirit, commit ourselves to actively work in solidarity with all our sisters and brother for the building up of a New Society that will attain its fulfillment at the close of this present age through the transformation of this world into A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH (cf. Rev. 21:1).

May these Words of the Lord echo in our hearts as we journey through life: “And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time” (Mt. 28:20).

May Mother Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, be with us along our way. May she teach us the lesson of radical discipleship to do precisely what her Son tells us to do.

May St. Francis Xavier, Patron of the East Indies and of the Missions and Blessed Joseph Vaz, Patron of our Archdiocese, inspire us by the example of their lives to become more and more a vibrant community of Faith, Hope and Love.


Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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