Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol

Seminário Patriarcal de Rachol: A Cradle of Intellectual Life

 Seminário Patriarcal de Rachol: A Cradle of Intellectual Life

(perhaps… that was?)

Reflections in tribute to a house and a home which gave so much to so many

Rari nantes in gurgite vasto (Aeneid, I, 118)… a classic group-labeller, oft-used by Padre Mestre Antonio Couto, de santa memória, remains till date as a powerful memory trigger in this marginal student of that august institution of storied glorious traditions, who benefited immeasurably from the classical education that was there provided to us, all the way from the seminal years at Saligão Seminary. Intellectual life was fostered by the reading of the classics, which were available in the bookcases, since vanished, in the hallowed corridors of every floor of that seminarium – Seminário Preparatório.  Those bookcases were rummaged through by most of us soon after lunch; and the poor Encarregado da Livraria dos Alunos would eagerly wait for the bell to go off, ripping us away to quiet study. The first book that I snapped up from that bookcase was O Primo Basílio, by Eça de Queiroz. May be my namesake in the title drew me in; but happy memories linger on, amidst other stultifying experiences on that hill. Only a few years ago I read O Crime do Padre Amaro, by the same author; and as I was reading it, my heart welled up in gratitude for the love for literature that was instilled in me from that young age. 


College of All Saints (1610)

Fr. António de Andrade, S.J.                                          - 1610

Celebration-Rachol Seminary

Celebrating the Fourth centenary of Rachol seminary 

Somehow time becomes intense as one enters the portals of the great Rachol Seminary.  The ancient Seminary overflows with spirit and grace and embraces everyone with serenity and peace. It is a place where the sound of silence is heard and the depth of spiritual insight glows bright.  Blessed with splendor and majesty, it nurtures  all its inmates with maternal love and care. Its angelic   spiritual ambience and brilliant intellectual climate produces a synergy that draws all her sons to become ever more like the Lord Jesus Christ.

St Paul's College & Rachol Seminary

The Rachol Seminary celebrates in June 2010, the fourth centenary of its existence. We shall trace in this article the genesis of priestly formation in Goa in the two Institutions, namely, the St Paul's College, that preceeded and Rachol that started side by side and continues serving the Church of Goa and other dioceses, till today.

Paintings in Rachol Seminary

 The Paintings in Rachol Seminary: Imaging Heaven on Earth

Rachol  Seminary has almost an iconic  value in the semiotic  sphere of our society.  As we mark the fourth centenary of this great institution, it is in the best of our tradition to capture its life and being in a  textual chronotope.  While I cannot make a claim  of any formal  expertise  in Art and Aesthetics , I simply cannot resist  the deep imperative  that I feel  within me as I stand  in  awe at the majestic  paintings  adorning its ancient walls.

Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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