Former Bishops

Former Bishops and Archbishops


1533 Francisco de Melo. Died in Lisbon on the eve of his departure to Goa.
1539-1553 João Afonso de Albuquerque. Died in 1553.



1560-1567 Gaspar de Leão Pereira. Consecrated in April, 1560. Resigned in 1567.


1568-1571 Jorge Temudo, Dominican. Consecrated in 1557. Transferred from Cochin.
Died in 1571.
1574-1576 Gaspar de Leão Pereira (second time). Died on 15th August, 1576.
1578-1581 Henrique de Távora e Brito, Dominican. Died on 17th May, 1581.
1582-1587 João Vicente da Fonseca, Dominican.
1588-1592 Mateus de Medina, Order of Christ, transferred from the Diocese of Cochin.
Resigned in 1592 and died on 29th July, 1593.
1595-1609 Aleixo de Menezes, Augustinian. Consecrated on 26th March, 1595.
Transferred to Archdiocese of Braga (Portugal). Died in Madrid on 3rd May, 1617.
1613-1622 Cristóvão de Sá e Lisboa, Congregation of St. Jerome. Died in1622.
1625-1629 Sebastião de S. Pedro, Augustinian. Died in 1629.
1633 Manuel Teles de Brito, Dominican. Died at sea on the way to Goa. Buried in Goa.
1636-1652 Francisco dos Mártires, Franciscan. Died in 1652.
The See of Goa remained vacant for 19 years after his death.
1671-1673 Cristóvão da Silveira, Augustinian. Died in 1673.
1675-1678 António Brandão, Order of Christ. Died in 1684.
1681-1684 Manuel de Sousa e Menezes. Died in1684.
1675-1679 Alberto da Silva, Augustinian. Died in 1688.
1691-1713 Agostinho da Anunciação, Order of Christ. Died in1713.
1716-1720 Sebastião de Andrade Pessanha. Resigned in 1720. Died in Lisbon in1737.
1721-1740 Inácio de Santa Teresa, Augustinian. Transferred to the Diocese of Faro.
Died in 1751.
1740-1741 Eugénio de Trigueiros, Augustinian. Died in 1741.
1741-1750 Lourenço de Santa Maria e Melo, Franciscan. Resigned in 1750.
1750-1773 António Taveira da Neiva Brum e Silveira, Order of St. James.
Resigned in 1773.
1774-1783 Francisco da Assunção e Brito, Augustinian. Resigned in 1783.
1784-1812 Manuel de Santa Catarina, Discalced Carmelite. Died in 1812.
1812-1831 Manuel de S. Galdino, Reformed Franciscan. Died in 1831.
1844-1849 José Maria da Silva Torres. Died in 1854.
1862-1874 João Crisóstomo de Amorim Pessoa. Resigned in 1874.
1875-1879 Aires de Ornelas e Vasconcelos. Died in 1880.
1882-1886 António Sebastião Valente. Invested with the title of
Patriarch of the East Indies on 23-6-1886.

Golden Verse

Nehemiasachem Pustok 9:17

Tanchê khatir Tunvem kel’lim ojapanchim kortutvam visrun tujeô adnia pallunk tim kobul zalim nant. Hott dhôrun ravlim ani porot Ejiptant gulamponnak vochpachem kelem. Punn tum bhogxita toslo, krupall, doiall Dev dekhun tunvem tankam sôddun dilim nant.
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