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There is a heightened awareness throughout Goan villages and towns about the value of land and concerted steps are being taken for its protection. Our own Body, The Council for Social Justice and Peace, and the various Social Action Fora/Cells it has helped to create in our parishes, have definitely contributed in this direction. On the other side, in recent times, the Archdiocese itself is accused of being involved in actions that it has been denouncing through its channels. We refer particularly to the land deal executed by it over the island of Vanxim.

New Media

The Priest and  the Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World

Message from the Archbishop


Lok Sompork Sadhnanchea Muniarponnachea Disa Nim’tan

Gõy_Damanv Mha-Dhormprantachea Iadnikank, Mottvaxeank,

Lovkikank ani Borea Monachea Mon’xank


‘Digital’ Jogant Padrichem Muniarponn:

Sobdachê Sevê Pasot Novim Sadhnam

Mogachea Bhavamnô ani Bhoinnimnô,

Mayemogacho noman tumkam

Amchê modem ek novem yug nirmann zalam: lok-sompork sadhnanchem yug tem. Heam sadhnam vorvim ek novi sonskrutay rochon yeta ani ti ek novi vagnnuk magta. Hê sonskrutayê adim anik ek pustokanchench yug ghoddon ailolem; pustokam vorvim ek novi sonskrutay utpon zal’li, amchê dixechem rupantor zal’lem ani amchi vagnnuk bodol’loli.

Responding to God’s Call for Communication


"It would be expected, therefore, that the Parish House and the Parish office be transformed into a hub where the information, vies and ideas flow in and out after they are informed with the teachings of Jesus and the Church;"

Golden Verse

Samuelachem Dusrem Pustok 17:18

Toripunn eka chakran tankam pollele ani Absalanvak kollit kelem. Oxem astam-i tãnnim dogamnim-i pollapôll kaddli ani Bahurimant ravpi eka mon’xachea ghora-xim pavle. Tachea angnnant êk bãi asli. Te tantum bhitôr denvle.
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