Pastors' Day - Panjim Parish

Pastors’ Day was celebrated on the 4th of August 2010 in our Parish. The celebration began with the Holy Eucharist which was well attended, both by the priests and the lay faithful. It was a pleasant sight to see many people wishing their pastors happy innings in life as a priest.

 Then the parishioners put up a meaningful programme in honour of their priests in the Church hall. Since this year is dedicated to our very own Blessed Joseph Vaz, a play was presented by the Parish Council members on the life of Blessed Joseph Vaz and his priestly endeavours. There were a large number of participants, young and old in this play. Thereafter, Parish Council Member, Ms. Arlette Lobo, very eloquently appreciated the priests for all their hard work and dedication. The Parish Youth, through a mime, depicted the life of a priest and the importance and need of a priest, right from the birth till his death, for Christians. This was followed by “Ek Dis Igorjent” which was set to the tune of our Konkani songs. It was a comedy but had the elements of what the life of a priest is in a Church.

 Out of their soulful hearts the Parish Council members then gave gifts to each and every priest present for the function. The whole programme was wound up with a sumptuous meal with all the priests and the Parish Council members. It was indeed, a very memorable day for all of us.

– By Fr. Antonio Albuquerque

Golden Verse

Dusri Somurt 21:5

Leviche iadnikui thoim vetole, kiteak zobordos-teche soglle prosn tãnnim tharaun gheunk zai. Sorvesporan tankam aplê sevek, ani aplea nanvan axirvad ghalunk vinchun kaddleat.