Sunday, 15th February, 2009 


The Parish Priests/Chaplains
Rectors/Superiors/Heads of all Church Institutions
Archdiocese of Goa & Daman

Dear Rev. Father/Brother/Sister/Madam/Sir,

Prayerful wishes and hearty greetings to you and all your collaborators.

This year the celebration of Holy Childhood Day is marked on Sunday, 15th February.

Below are a few points to celebrate the day fruitfully.

A Reflection:

  1. God’s boundless love is concretely expressed in the creation of every child (born, unborn)
  2. The child may be even with physical or mental limits, defects, deficiencies – it is a HUMAN LIFE to be ACCEPTED AS IS.

  3. It is an undeniable birthright of every child to receive complete care; nutrition, holistic health care, clothing, shelter, security, entertainment, spiritual and social formation, whereby the child grows imbibing positive human values.

  4. Parents, other members of the family and later Educational, Religious and other Institutions must provide for integral growth of every child.

  5. Government and its Agencies and other non-Governmental Institutions must ensure that every child’s needs are fulfilled when circumstances leave her/him without parents/guardians, (not the child’s fault).

  6. Children who are blessed with everything they need must be sensitized to be concerned about deprived children and to make sacrifices to help them in every way they can.

Children in need: Who are they?...... Where are they? ….

  1. in broken homes, with parents addicted to vices or in prisons or homeless on streets – physically, emotionally, mentally abused.
  2. in other houses, restaurants, garages, markets or rag-pickers, vendors on beaches, - overworked, deprived of adequate food and rest.

  3. abandoned due to physical/mental handicaps or serious illness (HIV positive) 

How do we REACH OUT to them?

  1. organise children’s groups (Guides/Scouts, etc.) to identify such children up to age 16, in their locality.
  2. constitute a Volunteer Group of Youth/Adults to contact NGO’s, Educational /other Institutions to organize literacy/skills classes.

  3. use Government schemes, ensuring that only those who really deserve are benefitted.

Fully convinced of our obligation and commitment to help every child to obtain her/his birthright of a FULFILLING CHILDHOOD, let us formulate a practical Short/Long Term PLAN of ACTION and FOLLOW UP in each village/town and implement it.

Please send a copy of your PLAN of ACTION and FOLLOW UP to Caritas-Goa by 9th March 2009. Thank you.

Enclosed are a Poster and other material. We request Parish Priests and Heads of all Institutions to kindly send in the contributions to our Office within a month. God reward you abundantly.

(Fr. Valeriano Vaz)
Diocesan Director for Holy Childhood

C/o Caritas-Goa
Institute Piedade, Near Hotel Mandovi,
Panjim, Goa – 403 001
Ref. No: CG/Holy/Childhood/Nat/
7th February, 2009


Golden Verse

Nehemiasachem Pustok 9:17

Tanchê khatir Tunvem kel’lim ojapanchim kortutvam visrun tujeô adnia pallunk tim kobul zalim nant. Hott dhôrun ravlim ani porot Ejiptant gulamponnak vochpachem kelem. Punn tum bhogxita toslo, krupall, doiall Dev dekhun tunvem tankam sôddun dilim nant.