Appointments June 2013


CP-P/155/2013 : Appointed the Diocesan Projects Selection Committee with the following persons: 

                           The Director “pro tempore”, Caritas-Goa (Fr. Maverick Fernandes), President

                            Fr. Pio Almeida, Member

                            Mr. Oscar Noronha, Member

                            Ms. Lilia Pereira, Member

                            Sr. Julie Fernandes, f. m. m., Member


CP-P/157/2013 : Rev. Fr. Romeu Martinho Godinho appointed Assistant to the Director of the         

                           Diocesan  Catechetical Centre.


CP-P/158/2013 : Rev. Fr. Barry Cardozo relieved from the post of Assistant to the Parish Priest of 

                            St. Theresa of Jesus Parish, Canacona,  in order to pursue higher ecclesiastical     

                            studies in Rome.


CP-P/159/2013 : Rev. Fr. Macson Martin Fernandes relieved from the post of Assistant to the Parish

                          Priest  of St. Andrew’s  Parish, Vasco da Gama,  in order to pursue higher  ecclesiastical

                        studies in Rome.


CP-P/160/2013: Rev. Fr. Francisco Antonio Agnelo Jacinto Pinheiro relieved from the post of

                           Professor of   the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol, in order to pursue higher

                          ecclesiastical  studies in Rome.


CP-P/161/2013: Rev. Fr. Ramiro Jesus Do Carmo Luis relieved from the post of Assistant to the Parish

                          Priest of See Cathedral Parish, Old-Goa,  in order to pursue higher ecclesiastical studies.


CP-Of/162/2013: Rev. Fr. Conrado Jevino Pereira authorized to reside at St. Francis Xavier’s Parish,

                           Querim,   and assist its Parish Priest in the pastoral ministry.


CP-Of/163/2013 : Rev. Fr. Leonardo Antonio Pantaleão Correia appointed “On the Staff” of Our Lady

                             of  Grace Parish, Margão.


CP-Of/164/2013: Rev. Fr. Agnelo Peter Fernandes appointed  also Administrator of the Assets of the 

                             Archdiocese of St. Francis Xavier’s College/Higher Secondary School Campus,



CP-Of/165/2013: Rev. Fr. Luis Pinto Lourenço appointed Acting Chaplain of Our Lady of Carmel

                            Chapel, Vonvottem, Curtorim.


CP-Of/166/2013: Rev. Fr. Ryan Anthony Camilo Estibeiro authorized to reside at the Seminary Niwas,

                            Duler, Mapusa.


CP-P/167/2013: Appointed a “Goa Organizing Team” to see to the overall organization of the  

                            First National Convention of Small Christian Communities, to be held in Goa

                            from 19th to 21st November, 2013, with the  following  persons :

                            Fr. Leonardo Pegado Souza,   Convenor

                            Fr. Jean da Cruz Fernandes,    Treasurer

                            Fr. Alfred Vaz,                         Member

                            Fr. Anthony Fernandes,            Member

                            Fr. Olavo Caiado,                     Member

                            Fr. Joseph Rowland Salema,     Member

                            Fr. Mathew Fernandes, s. f. x.,  Member

                            Mrs. Salvina Monteiro,              Member

                            Mrs. Maria Helena Souza,         Member 

                            Mr.  Jorim Mendonça,                Member

                            Mr. Hevelock Ferrão,                 Member


CP-Of/168/2013 : Rev. Fr. Rodney Rebello, o. f. m., Cap., appointed Assistant to the Parish Priest of 

                             St. Agnes’ Parish, Santa Inês.


CP-Of/169/2013 : Rev. Fr. Vincy D’Costa,  o. f. m.,  Cap., appointed Assistant to the Parish Priest of 

                             St. Joseph’s  Parish, São José de Areal.


CP-P/170/2013:   Rev. Fr. Ivo Fernandes, s. f. x., appointed Assistant to the Parish Priest of St.

                             Michael’s   Parish, Anjuna.


CP-P/171/2013:  Appointed a new  Editorial Board for the diocesan bulletin “Renovação” with the

                           following persons:

                            Fr. Francisco Caldeira,          Editor

                            Fr. Olavo Caiado,                  Member

                           Adv. Dr. F. Elgar Noronha,    Member

                           Mrs. Maria Helena Souza,      Member                

 CP-P/172/2013: Rev. Fr. Joe Rodricks, s. f. x., appointed Honorary General Secretary of                          the Archdiocesan Board of Education. 







Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.