SMS 2 God Contest



Welcome to the mobile world. Many today use mobiles and quite a few cannot do without mobile phone. Many children today, use mobiles more than the phone at home or any other electronic gadgets. The language is changing today with the mobile, making it more simplified, and spelling are taking easy forms.

So… here is a contest for your skill at the sms text. Just imagine you had one chance to send an sms to God, expressing to God your aspirations, wishes, hopes or comments. Just what would it be? 

Bear in mind the following points to be up ahead in the sms contest:

  1. Age limit for participation is 8years to 17years.
  2. SMS should be a maximum of 300 characters (every letter, space, punctuation mark is a character).
  3. Each person can send a max of two entries… Only One entry per Language. ( One English and /or One Konkani)
  4. The Mobile to send your SMS to will be announced on the day of the contest (15th November 2009, at Don Bosco Oratory Hall, Panjim) and also posted here. However, the contest will remain on for a week only, closing date being 22nd November 2009.
  5. Those present for the Event on 15th November 2009, will also be allowed to submit their entries on a written paper provided at the venue.
  6. Once the SMS is sent or the entry submitted, no corrections of mistakes will be entertained. 
  7. Judges decision will be final.