WCD Quiz Series


Welcome to the World Communication Day Quiz Series, Please click on the links below to take a Quiz. At the end of each test, your results will be emailed to you, the pass percentage for each quiz is 75% you will also be entered in a draw to decide on winners for this Quiz series. 

You may take these tests as many times as you wish. Knowing about Goa and the Archdioscese, will make your feel proud of the heritage you belong.

Quiz Module 01 | Quiz Module 02 | Quiz Module 03 | Quiz Module 04 | Quiz Module 05

We are looking forward to your participation for the Grand Finale, representing your parish on the 15th of November, 2009, at Don Bosco Oratory Hall, Panjim. The Rules and Regulations for the finals are listed below.

Quiz Competition
Category Communion
Rules and Regulations:

  • Each round contains six questions.
  • The question will be directed in order to the teams from Left to Right.
  • Correct answer will be awarded 5 points. A wrong answer will be awarded 0 points. The scoring will change unless otherwise mentioned for the particular rounds.
  • There are no Half-correct answers. The Quiz Master/Miss has the right to award full points if there are indications of a correct answer.
Simple rounds (four rounds)
Four rounds of questions will be asked. A correct or wrong answer will award respective points to the team answering the question. The rounds will be of seen or unseen questions as announced.

Double or Quit (two rounds)
These two rounds will help the team to boost up their points. Before the question is asked to the team, an option will be given to the team of doubling their score points for the question. If the team agrees, a correct answer will award 10 points, and a wrong answer will obtain -2 points (negative). The team that does not choose double follows the normal point system of the simple rounds. 

Rapid fire
In this round there will be ten questions asked in a time limit of ONE MINUTE. 5 questions will be from the ‘seen’ section and another 5 from the unseen questions. Every correct answer will award 3 points and a wrong answer will get 0 points. 

Gunshot Round
This is the War round. The teams can vie with one another for points. The question will be directed to the team that has the lowest points in the tally. A correct answer will be awarded 6 points will a wrong answer be given – 3 points. After answering the question, the order will not be systematic, but will depend on the team answering to decide which team will answer next. The team has to direct the next question to another team! Each round will have only 6 questions as determined.

Visual Round
This round is a visual round. Images of churches or images of Goa will be shown, and the team will be asked a question accordingly. Points will be awarded as done in the simple rounds.