Drawing Competition

 Drawing/Poster Competition

Not all have the talent to express their imagination in pencil, colour and image. This drawing contest is for those special who can do it. Unfortunately, you cannot draw on your own at home at leisure and send your entries across. You will have to come to the venue in Don Bosco Oratory hall, on 15th November 2009, and complete your work of Art. 

Here are a few points you’ll have to keep in mind:

  1. Age limit for participation is 8years to 17years.
  2. Contest will be conducted in two categories: those preparing for Communion & Confirmation.
  3. Only one entry is allowed per person. The Drawing paper for the same will be provided at venue.
  4. Colours should be brought by the participants.
  5. Pencil, wax, pastels, oil and water colours can be used. 
  6. The drawing or image could be on either one of the issue mentioned below:
    a. Environment
    b. Unity
    c. Peace
  7. The participant will be given only two hours for the drawing to be completed and submitted to the volunteers concerned.
  8. Prizes will be given to each category.
  9. Judges decision will be final.