Circulars Issued by the Archbishop of Goa and Daman

Communications Day

"New Technologies, New Relationships. 
Promoting a Culture of Respect, Dialogue and Friendship."


Greetings to you! I earnestly wish that Jesus Christ be the centre of your life and ministry! Let this day dedicated to Social Communications remind us all of our duty to proclaim Him always and everywhere.

Day of Prayer and Fast

To the Clergy, Religious, Laity and People of good will in this Archdiocese

Day of Prayer and Fast for Communal Understanding

Dearly Beloved,


Twelve months ago, our Nation bled. Scores of people were killed in gory incidents and fifty thousand ran into neighboring forests and government refugee camps, for shelter and protection.  Triggered by the equally regrettable murder of Swami Lakshmananda  Saraswat, the spate of violence, arson, cold blooded murders and torching of houses, Christian institutions and places of worship seemed to have no end.  A small minority, poor and defenceless, were the target of this organized violence which did not even spare some members of the majority community who were serving in those institutions.  And to crown it all, there was the apathy of the Government and its machinery to add to the misery of the victims. Left alone to fend for themselves, they felt betrayed by the system.


(Approved English version of ‘Ek Ulo’ (CP-Cir/185/2009), written originally in Konkani)

      Road accidents involving two-wheelers have been taking a toll on young lives in recent years and, as reported in our newspapers, this is becoming a matter of grave concern to various entities. The Superintendent of Police (Traffic) himself has written to us, informing that the situation is serious, especially as a good number of fatalities are due to either the drivers or the pillion riders not wearing crash helmets.

On the Year of the Priest

Circular Letter
To the Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful of this Archdiocese

Dearly Beloved,
              Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has recently announced a Year of the Priest, which he himself will inaugurate on the 19th of this month, the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and conclude on June 19, 2010, with a World Day of Priests, to be celebrated in Rome. This Year of the Priest is being called to commemorate the 150th Death Anniversary of Saint John Marie Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests, whom Pope Benedict intends to proclaim, during this Jubilee Year, as the Patron of all the world’s priests.

Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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