Circulars Issued by the Archbishop of Goa and Daman

The Indian Government "uses the bludgeon" against civil society.

     New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - The Indian government "is using the bludgeon with civil society." Is what John Dayal, a lay Catholic intellectual and writer, responsible for the "All India Catholic Union" and collaborator of the Commission "Justice and Peace" of the Indian Bishops says to Fides Agency. Having already withdrawn 4,300 licenses for as many non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), the federal government of India is targeting organizations of European countries and the U.S.A.

Resignation of the Bishop of Jhansi and appointment of successor

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - The Holy Father Benedict XVI on October 31, 2012 accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the Diocese of Jhansi (India), by His Exc. Mgr. Frederick D'Souza in accordance with can. 401 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law, and appointed Rev.do Peter Parapullil, General Vicar of the same diocese as Bishop of Jhansi (India).

World Aids Day & World Disability Day


WORLD AIDS DAY      AND                         WORLD AIDS SUNDAY
 Thursday, 1st December 2011          4th December, 2011
Saturday, 3rd December, 2011


The Parish Priests/Chaplains
Heads of all Educational and other Church Institutions,
Archdiocese of Goa & Daman.

Rev. Father/ Brother/Sister/ Madam/ Sir,

Greetings to you and all your collaborators and Prayerful Wishes for a fruitful “Season of Advent”

Our solidarity with the Tsunami victims in Japan



To the Clergy, Religious, Lay Faithful and individuals of goodwill in this Archdiocese


Subject: Our solidarity with the victims of the Tsunami in Japan

Dearly Beloved,

The colossal destruction unleashed by an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami that hit Northern Japan earlier this month has been vividly portrayed to us by the visual and the print media. We have seen the helpless condition of the countless citizens rendered homeless and even destitute, with all their resources lost. While thousands lost their lives, the life of the survivors is extremely difficult. They continue to need all types of attention, including medical and psychological help, as they limp back towards a distant restoration of normalcy. In addition to this, there is an ongoing fear that the efforts being made to contain a major atomic crisis may not be successful, precipitating further disastrous consequences.

Day of Mass Media Apostolate

Lok Sompork Sadhnanchea Muniarponnachea Disa Nim’tan Gõy_Damanv Mha-Dhormprantachea Iadnikank, Mottvaxeank,Lovkikank ani Borea Monachea Mon’xank SONDÊX‘

Digital’ Jogant Padrichem Muniarponn:Sobdachê Sevê Pasot Novim Sadhnam

Mogachea Bhavamnô ani Bhoinnimnô, Mayemogacho noman tumkam! Amchê modem ek novem yug nirmann zalam: lok-sompork sadhnanchem yug tem. Heam sadhnam vorvim ek novi sonskrutay rochon yeta ani ti ek novi vagnnuk magta. Hê sonskrutayê adim anik ek pustokanchench yug ghoddon ailolem; pustokam vorvim ek novi sonskrutay utpon zal’li, amchê dixechem rupantor zal’lem ani amchi vagnnuk bodol’loli.

Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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