Circulars Issued by the Archbishop of Goa and Daman

Circular on Uttarakhand


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To the Parish Priests, Heads of Institutions and other Bodies of the Archdiocese


Subject: Prayers and financial assistance to the victims of the Uttarakhand Disaster


Dearly Beloved,


Greetings of Peace !


You must have learnt through the various sources of the media about the cloudburst resulting in flash floods and massive landslides in many parts of Uttarakhand, resulting in an unprecedented loss of life and property. It is very painful to know that thousands of pilgrims add up to the number of those who have been trapped or just washed away.


Caritas India, the social service wing of the Church for humanitarian work, has already swung into action and is joining hands with the Government and other agencies to provide immediate relief and assistance to the affected people.


The Church in Goa has been following this calamity with deep consternation and grief and expresses its solidarity and sympathy with the thousands of people who have lost their family members, homes and other enterprises. We appeal to all to offer fervent prayers for the hapless victims of this disaster, particularly those who lost their dear ones, suffered injuries, were traumatized and lost everything.

Eucharist Adoration,June 2nd, 2013



 Circular Letter

To the Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful of this Archdiocese

On a special celebration of the Eucharistic Adoration on June 2, 2013

Dearly Beloved,

Pope Benedict XVI, speaking of the reasons that led him to institute the Year of Faith, noted that this time would provide the opportunity “to intensify the celebration of the faith in the liturgy, especially in the Eucharist, which is the summit towards which the activity of the Church is directed and also the source from which all its power flows” (Porta Fidei, n. 9)

On the Election of the New Pope

   We have a new Pope! And this is, undoubtedly, a moment of great joy for the whole Church. The See of Peter, vacant till now due to the resignation of our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, has a new incumbent in the person of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, who took for himself the name of Francis.

Day of Prayer for the Church




        To the Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful of this Archdiocese


                      Subject: Day of Prayer for the Church


Dearly Beloved,

When Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope almost eight years ago, his first words, which echoed through St. Peter’s Square and throughout the world, were: “The Cardinals have elected me, a simple, humble labourer in the vineyard of the Lord.”  The papacy of Benedict XVI was characterized by the simplicity and humility of this labourer of the Lord, as he went on shepherding the Flock under his care and teaching in a way “which let the rays of truth and love of God enlighten and warm our journey, even and especially at times when clouds gathered in the sky,” to use the words of the Pope’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.





During the Year of Faith special acts of penance 

will be rewarded with the gift of Sacred Indulgences.

Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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