Circulars Issued by the Archbishop of Goa and Daman

Celebration of the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions



 To the Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful in this Archdiocese

Towards a fruitful celebration of the Centenary of the Fatima Apparitions


Dearly Beloved,

In his introduction to “The Message of Fatima,” published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the year 2000, the then Secretary of the Congregation, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, had this to say:


“Throughout history there have been supernatural apparitions and signs which go to the heart of human events and which, to the surprise of believers and non-believers alike, play their part in the unfolding of history. These manifestations can never contradict the content of faith, and must therefore have their focus in the core of Christ's proclamation: the Father's love which leads men and women to conversion and bestows the grace required to abandon oneself to him with filial devotion. This too is the message of Fatima which, with its urgent call to conversion and penance, draws us to the heart of the Gospel.” 


The 13th of May, 2017 will mark the celebration of the Centenary of the Apparitions at Fatima, which were hailed by the same Secretary of the Congregation as being undoubtedly “the most prophetic of modern apparitions.” This Archdiocese of Goa and Daman  –  which was part of the Portuguese nation when   the   ‘Lady  of  the  Rosary’    decided    to    visit    it    a   century   ago –   joins    wholeheartedly   in   this celebration, so dear to the Catholic world, and recommits itself to the living out of the Message of Fatima, which draws us to the core of the Gospel message, by calling us to a genuine conversion of heart and the practice of prayer and penance.





 To the Priests, Religious, Lay Faithful and People of good will

in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman




Dearly Beloved,


Peace has always figured among humanity's highest values, whether it is seen as an absence of conflict or as an abiding state of harmony and tranquility. Ironically, it is one of the most eluding goods in today’s society. The fragile peace along the Indian border with neighbouring Pakistan is regularly disturbed by exchange of fire and other forms of violence, revealing a simmering state of hostility and suspicion between two countries that otherwise share linguistic, cultural, geographic and even economic links.


The recent escalation of tension along our borders has been causing serious concern to our respective populations and has prompted the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India to issue a circular asking that a day – the 16th of this month of October – be set aside as a day of PRAYER FOR INDIA and for peace in our subcontinent. Making mine his appeal for prayers, I too would like to call upon the members of the Church in this Archdiocese and other people of good will to join us in praying for one another and for peace in our land.




To the Priests, Religious, Lay Faithful and People of good will in the

Archdiocese of Goa and Daman



Dearly Beloved,

            We are privileged to be living in an era when quite a few of our contemporaries – people who have been known for their outstanding sanctity and active contribution in the transformation of human lives and structures – have been canonized.  Many peoples’ lives have been deeply impacted by their close contact with such eminent fellow beings. Some of them, like Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, have visited Goa and we have seen and heard them in person. Incidentally, these two are known not just to the Christian Community but throughout the world and the memory of what they said and did is still fresh in our minds and hearts.

            The Canonization of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta on the 4th of September, 2016 is an occasion of great joy to the Church throughout the world, but especially to the Church in India.  This historic event, which is fittingly taking place in the Jubilee Year of Mercy,  drives home to us the eternal message of Jesus, our Master, that caring for the neglected and the forgotten is the noblest of services;  it places before us the challenge to “go and do likewise” (Lk 10: 37) to the abandoned and the lonely in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Help Nepal with your prayers and financial support.

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To the Parish Priests, Heads of Institutions and other Bodies in this Archdiocese

Prayers and Financial Assistance to the Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings of Peace !

We are all aware of the devastating earthquake that hit our neighbouring country of Nepal a week ago, leaving presumably some ten thousand dead and several thousands of injured, not to speak of the unprecedented loss of property.  The extent of the devastation, which has flattened thousands of villages, will not be known until the end of the ongoing search and rescue operations. Huge populations are rendered homeless and are living like refugees and the outbreak of an epidemic seems to be imminent. 


To all our Pastors, Heads of Church Institutions and Communities of the Religious in the Archdiocese

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings of Peace!

We are in the third quarter of the Pastoral Year dedicated in our Archdiocese to Families. And His Holiness Pope Francis has declared a fourteen-month period as the Year of Consecrated Life -- from 30th November, 2014 till 2nd February, 2016. In his Apostolic Letter ‘To all Consecrated People on the Occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life,’ Pope Francis gives a threefold purpose to the Year: ‘to look to the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion, and to embrace the future with hope’. On this occasion the Pope addresses himself also to the laity, who share with those in consecrated life the same ideals, spirit and mission (III,1), to the whole Christian people (III, 2), to the consecrated men and women and to the members of fraternities and communities who belong to Churches of traditions other than the Catholic tradition (III, 3), and to his brother bishops (III, 5), reminding all that journeying together always brings enrichment, and can open new paths to relationships between peoples and cultures, which nowadays appear so difficult.

Golden Verse

1Korintkarank 7:38

Mhonnttôch aplê ankvar hoklê lagim logn zata to borem korta; ani logn zaina to odik borem korta.
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